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Commentaire : Moi c'est NewLiquid, fan de Liquid (on s'en doutait!). Mes séries préférées sont "Le Caméléon" et "Stargate". Les fims que j'aime sont "Star Wars", "Le Bon, La Brute et Le Truand","Django" et les westerns de Clint Eastwood et de Sergio Leone.

"Yes, twins, but we're not ordinary twins...we're twins linked by cursed genes. You're fine. You got all dominant genes. I got all the flawed, recessive genes. Everything was done so that you would be the greatest of his children. The only reason i exist is so they could create you.(...) You don't even understand this ! You, who could kill your own real father !(...) You stole my chance for revenge ! Now I'll finish the work that father began. I will surpass him... I will destroy him !

Snake. Come. Knell down and sacrifice yourself to this historic weapon!

Consider it an honor...a gift from your brother. Now you shall bear witness to the deamon weapon that will drag the world into the 21st century !" © Liquid Snake

"I will surpass him...I will destroy him" Liquid Snake


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